The Role Flexible Electronics Can Play to Deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic – Application Cases of Enfucell Wearable Temperature Tag in Frontline of Coronavirus Pandemic in Wuhan
In March 2020, the prevention and control of COVID-19 Pandemic has entered a new stage. The response levels of many provinces in China are downgraded, and the prediction model of the Zhong Nanshan Aca
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The battery reimagined(OPE Journal)
Many different types of technologies have played their roles in greatly improving our daily lives and mobility. One of these technologies is the printed battery – and the experts at Enfucell (Vantaa,
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Carbon nano transistors in the performance of the first time beyond Silicon Transistors
According to the official website of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the 1-inch-size carbon nano-transistors successfully developed by the school's material scientists have surpassed silicon transistors and GaAs transistors for the first time in performance. This breakthrough is a major milestone in the development of carbon nanotubes, and will lead carbon nanotubes in the field of logic circuits, high-speed wireless communications and other semiconductor electronic devices. The carbon nanotube tube wall is only one atom thick and is one of the best conductive materials, so it is considered to be the most promising next-generation transistor material.
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Jiangsu Enfucell Flexible Electronics Co., Ltd. Completed Cross-Border Acquisition of Enfucell in Finland

Recently, Jiangsu Enfucell Flexible Electronics Co., Ltd. has completed overseas acquisition resulting integration of Enfucell. As the first cross-border acquisition of assets in the printing electronics industry, this acquisition has resulted in internationalization of Enfucell brand, the integration of operations, and the centralization of industrial resources. As the forerunner in the printing electronics industry, the company is leading the market development of this industry and providing valuable industry exploration experience for peers in domestic and abroad.

Dr. Zhang Xiachang was elected to the national people plan expert

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security publicized the list of the tenth batch of “Thousand Talents Program” entrepreneurs, Dr. Zhang Xiachang was listed, and the publicity period has now ended.
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